Company Profile

 Sjeng Horbach Consultancy was founded in January 2012 to provide support to small- and mid-sized companies and start-ups. Sjeng Horbach strongly believes in the importance of teamplay and multidisciplinary interactions in drug development leading to non-generic and custom-fit development trajectories.

The career of Sjeng Horbach has spanned over 35 years with CRO, university and pharmaceutical companies, most recently with Genmab in The Netherlands, where he was heading the Non-clinical Safety and Toxicology group. Sjeng Horbach has a broad experience in preclinical development of pharmaceuticals, both small molecules and biologicals. The projects he has been involved in cover a wide spectrum of therapeutic areas, such as CNS, oncology and fertility.

Sjeng has a MSc degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Leiden and a PhD from the University of Maastricht. He is (co-)author of over 50 papers in peer reviewed journals as well as (co-) author of over 25 review papers and book chapters. Sjeng is also founding partner of Learning By Simulation (, a company providing hands-on simulation courses for professionals in the pharmaceutical industry.